Smarter way to make a high-speed blower

JetAir Blowers have the highest efficiencies and power densities of any high-speed centrifugal blower available.

JetAir is the first to develop and apply direct drive technology to high speed centrifugal blowers. By directly coupling modern impeller designs to high-speed motors and integrating variable frequency drives, we are able to:

Improve efficiencies 12-70%
Eliminate belts, tensioning devices and complex spindles
Enhance reliability by eliminating belt tension on bearings.
Reduce blower system size 30%!

JET Blower Curves


  • JET-1™

    • Power: 5-10HP [3,7-7,5kW]
    • Pressure: 65”WG [160mBar]
    • Flow: 760cfm [1280M3/Hr]

    JET-1 High Speed Centrifugal Blower

  • JET-2G™


    • Power: 10-20HP [7,5-15kW]
    • Pressure: 100”WG [250mBar]
    • Flow: 1350cfm [2300M3/Hr]

  • JET-3™

    • Power: 10-20HP [7,5-15kW]
    • Pressure: 120”WG [300mBar]
    • Flow: 1100cfm [1900M3/Hr]

    JET-3 High-Speed Centrifugal Blower

  • JET-5™

    • Power: 30-40HP [22-30kW]
    • Pressure: 140”WG [350mBar]
    • Flow: 2200cfm [3738M3/Hr]

    JET-5 High-Speed Centrifugal Blower

  • Jet-Radials™

    Power: 0.5-4HP [7,5-15kW]
    Pressure: 18”WG [45mBar]
    Flow: 1400cfm [2500M3/Hr]

    JET-Radial Blower