JetAir Technologies has evolved to create custom engineered solutions. Starting with a technically advanced direct drive blower, Jet air has evolved to develop market driven solutions such as our very own high velocity jet blast air knifes, spray shields, sound enclosures, all in one turnkey systems, to complete engineered to order solutions.


Our team is committed to creating accelerated solutions using air by providing safe, easy-to-use, innovative equipment. JetAir creates machines with improved performance, a smaller footprint, network integration, and reduced power consumption.


JetAir has many turnkey solutions and, combined with our ability to design custom equipment –we build the ultimate drying machine.

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2002: JetAir begins! It develops the first high-speed DirectDrive blower, which is 15% more efficient and 50% more compact than other centrifugal blowers.

2003: JetAir engineers and manufactures new stainless steel and aluminum air knives: the XX™, SX™, MX™ and LX™ Series.

2004: JetAir introduces the JetBlast™, the first nozzled air knife able to project air force 10”.

2004: JetAir systems are installed on fastest carbonated soft drink line in North America.

2006: JetAir introduces a turnkey drying system called the JetTunnel™. It offers better drying performance, improved plant safety, and maintenance advantages.

2009: JetAir introduces ionized air rinse systems that can clean containers without water.

2009: The largest dairy bottling facility in the USA installs JetAir systems plant-wide.

2012: JetAir introduces the first system to dry top, sides, and bases of products in single and multi-lane in-mass configurations.

2013: JetAir develops automatic cleaning and automatic changeover capabilities in JetTunnels™.

2015: JetTunnels™ are selected for world's largest brewery on over 15 lines.

2017: JetAir collaborates with Domino Printing to develop the SureCode, a two-in-one dyer/coder that builds quality assurance into the code printing process.

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“Out of all of our equipment, you guys are number one. No one else calls me back the next day... I can't run without JetAir."

Rob H, Bottling Maintenance Manager, Bronco Wine Company

I’ve been in this business for years. JetAir makes the most thorough can drying system I have ever seen.” “I am very pleased with the reliability, drying effectiveness, and energy savings in the JetAir system.

Plant Manager Coca-Cola, Mike F


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