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How It Works

Product flows through an integrated drying/blow-off chamber, removing any water and debris prior to printing for clear, legible, and reliable codes. Once clean and dry, it continues to move through the chamber to the continuous inkjet printhead. Using JetAir’s high-speed, high-efficiency blower and Domino’s Ax-Series continuous inkjet technology, this system has built-in quality assurance.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Choosing JetAir's high-speed blowers over compressed air can help you significantly reduce your facility's energy consumption. A JetAir blower uses 70% less energy than compressed air. Opting for this compact, low-maintenance air source will help your plant see savings from the moment you power up.

In-System Capture

How often do you see facilities with wet floors? JetAir is working to put an end to that safety hazard. All blow-off components of a JetTunnel™ are housed inside a washdown-ready chamber. Whenever moisture or debris is blown from a product, it doesn't end up in the plant air or on the floor. Instead, it's captured within the system and plumed safely away.

Improved Performance

When you purchase air knives to install on your line, do you know how many you need? Do you know where best to position them? When you choose a JetTunnel™, you get a single system that drops onto your line with all of the components already fine-tuned to your specifications. Because all components are unified in a single machine, performance is improved and changeover is easy.

Integrated controls

JetTunnels™ ship with easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use controls. Our goal is to make life easier and safer for your operators.

Domino X JetAir Technologies

The SureCode™ blends both companies’ innovative solutions in a single piece of equipment that takes up fewer than 50 inches of line space. The purpose of the SureCode™ is to eliminate smudged, gapped, or otherwise unreadable codes caused by trying to print on a surface that hasn't been properly prepared. Building in a drying and blow-off system just before the point of printing creates a clean canvas. This ensures that the ink droplets can properly adhere to your product, producing a pristine, long-lasting code.

The JetTunnel is a comprehensive drying system for the consumer packaged goods market. It achieves superior product or container drying prior to labeling, inspection, coding, sleeving, secondary packaging, and more. It prepares surfaces for the next downstream operation, ensuring quality while keeping your plant safe.


Drying & Coding System