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Can, Jar, & Bottle Drying Is Our Specialty

Can, jar & bottle drying for:

  • Labeling – sleeve, paper, pressure sensitive, etc.
  • Coding
  • Inspection
  • Post-pasteurizer processes
  • Sleeving
  • Cap & crown moisture removal
  • Safety seal
  • Secondary packaging

Bottle, can, & jar ionized air rinse for:

  • Dust & debris removal
  • Glass shard removal

Additional features available:

  • Water rinse
  • Corner solution
  • Clean in Place
  • Integrated conveyor


  • Bottles: 60-2400 bpm
  • Cans: 60-2800 cpm


  • Glass
  • PET
  • PP
  • Metal
  • Pails, barrels, & jugs


JetAir products have a wide range of applications, but beverage is our sweet spot. We have years of experience with can, jar, and bottle drying and air rinsing. Our equipment powers lines producing everything from water to liquor to milk. If you're looking for clean and dry bottles, jars, or cans, we're here to help.

The experts in can, jar, and bottle drying.

A lot of care goes into formulating your beverages. Shouldn't your drying and rinsing systems get the same level of attention? JetAir's carefully engineered products - from high-efficiency air knives to custom-built turnkey drying tunnels - make sure the liquid that drives your business doesn't disrupt your line.

We offer custom equipment designed to handle the widest range of containers and line speeds up to 120,000 cph. We pride ourselves on easy integration into existing packaging lines and all plant control networks. Whether you need standard components or an engineering team to solve your problem, JetAir is here. As leaders in can, jar, and bottle drying, we can give you what your line needs. What's more, we do all this while minimizing line space and energy usage. 

All JetAir systems are powered by our high-speed centrifugal blowers. These belt-free blowers deliver clean, oil-free, filtered air to remove unwanted moisture and debris. They also use 70% less energy than compressed air. 

Dedication to quality drying for quality products.

Our systems optimize your filling, inspection, coding, labeling, sleeving, and secondary packaging applications. Just ask our customers, including AB InBev, PepsiCo, Nestlé Global, MolsonCoors, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Tropicana, New Belgium, and Constellation Brands.

Want more information about our jar, can, and bottle drying capabilities? Refer to our Beverage Drying Innovations page. We regularly update it with recent case studies. 

Liquid is your specialty. Dryness is ours. Leverage our expertise to make sure nothing comes off your line but a beautifully packaged product. 

    can jar bottle drying