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We'll Design & Build the Equipment You Need

How it works:

  1. You contact us. Our team is always ready to take your call and begin the collaborative process of creating a solution .
  2. We test. Our application engineers closely replicate your plant environment, testing that our product will deliver the results you want.
  3. We design. We analyze the test results and develop a solution tailored to your needs and dimensions.
  4. You review. Together, we review and confirm that our solution will meet your performance expectations.
  5. We build. We create your system at our in-house manufacturing facility.
  6. We install. We are experts at manufacturing creative, reliable, efficient solutions to your production problems.
  7. Your problem is solved!

Our engineered-to-order solutions can include a wide range of features:

  • Blow off
  • Ionized air rinse
  • Water rinse
  • Mass flow (multi-lane) product transport
  • Integrated, customized controls and automation, all built to UL, CSA, CE, and OMAC standards
  • Material handling
  • Vacuum debris collection

We can solve your production problems with custom engineering.

JetAir designs and manufactures engineered-to-order systems that are economical and solve complex drying and blow-off problems. Solutions are developed around your specific needs, ensuring water or particles don’t compromise your quality assurance. JetAir guarantees you deliver clean, beautiful product, eliminating headaches like crooked labels, gapped codes, unwanted fluids, excess powder, and more. There are few problems our engineers haven’t seen before and there is no problem our team won’t tackle. Our testing facility gives us a way to develop and prove a solution before designing your system.

The right solution through custom engineering. 

Production problems can be complex. We know that your packaging is as unique as your product, and that can create some unique needs. As drying, blow-off, and air rinse experts, we can design, test, and manufacture a system that gives your line exactly what it needs – and nothing it doesn’t.

Our team of application engineers can replicate your facility conditions, letting us customize the right solution for you. From that simulation testing, our engineers can design the ideal system. We don't pass those plans to just anyone, either. Our production facility manufactures the entire solution so that all you have to do is drop it on your line and turn it on.

Our custom engineering is designed to give you maximal results and safety while using minimal energy and line space.

Let's work together.

    Our service doesn't stop after your system has shipped. We have installation teams, support, and spare parts worldwide. We strive to maximize uptime and minimize headaches. Wherever you see pain points on your line, our team is interested in helping. 

    For more information about the systems we've custom built, check out our case studies

    Stop trying to shoehorn a lacking system into your line. Let us design and manufacture the right engineered-to-order solution for your drying, air rinsing, and blow-off needs.

    custom engineering