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Flexible Packaging Drying: Gussets, Folds and Lids at High-Speed

Drying for:

  • Deep gussets in pouches, cartons, and trays
  • Secondary packaging
  • Caps in pouches & cartons

Ionized air rinsing (HEPA and non-HEPA filtration) for:

  • Sterilization
  • Carton and tray cleaning
  • Debris removal and exterior cleaning

Water rinsing for:

  • Overfill cleaning before labeling
  • Product cooling


  • 20’[7M]-165’[55M] / hour
  • Single & in-mass solutions


  • 1oz[30ml]-15 gallon[50l]
  • Rigid, semi-rigid and soft wall pouches and containers

Flexible packaging is the future, and we have the innovative solutions it requires. JetAir's drying and wash systems solve the problems facing companies who package in pouches, cartons, and trays.

Solid solutions for flexible packaging.

We can get water out of even the smallest gussets using our high-efficiency blowers and air knives. When paired with our dynamic container control, our blower-based solutions dry hard-to-reach areas effectively and reliably. Whether you're working with tiny pouches or large sheets of film, we can ready your product to the next process in your line. 

How do we do it?

We've engineered material handling solutions that address the pain points of flexible packaging. Our systems deliver exactly what you need, hiccup and headache-free. Maybe you need to clear gussets of water before secondary packaging. Maybe you need to eliminate static cling on plastic film to clear away debris. We have the most effective, energy-efficient technology. 

JetAir's dry and air rinse solutions get their air from our belt-free centrifugal blower. That means you get a clean air stream at a fraction of the energy costs of compressed air. JetAir can prepare your flexible packaging for filling, inspection, coding, labeling, sleeving, and secondary packaging, all at high speeds.

More benefits, more ease. 

Our innovative systems address the specific challenges you face. We're committed to maximizing energy efficiency, changeover speed, and ease of cleaning. We can custom-build a system with in-line single file or mass flow configuration, tailored to your specific packaging and line speed. Our systems are easy to install, easy to integrate to your existing plant control network, and easy to maintain. At JetAir, our goal is to ensure quality in your secondary packaging. 

Want to learn more about our flexible packaging capabilities? This case study is a great place to start. 

You're an innovator choosing the latest packaging solutions. Let us empower your flexible packaging line with our innovative technology.