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Crate Drying Experts: Making The Biggest Impact In The Smallest Corners

Washing, drying and blow-off solutions for liquid, crumb, dirt and debris removal.

Ionized HEPA air, vacuum, sterilization, actuation, heated air, and filtered water options available.


  • Crates, pans, pallets and barrels at 60-2400 /hour


  • Beverage: 600x400, 13”x13”
  • Bakery: 27”x23”, others
  • Packing: 600x400, 600x500, 24”x20”
  • Pallets & Top Frames: 37”x37”, 48”x40”, 56”x44”

Crate drying presents unique challenges. Those challenges – from crate depths to crevices to holes – require an expertise that exceeds common drying techniques. Knowing how to access those hard-to-reach places with forceful drying is our specialty. Proprietary nozzles and actuated air knives allow us to project air into the even the most inaccessible corners.

Tote & crate drying and rinsing, solved.

We offer custom equipment designed to handle the widest range of crate and tote sizes and line speeds. We pride ourselves on easy integration into existing lines and all plant control networks. Whether you need standard components or an engineering team to solve your problem, JetAir is here. We know the challenges of tote and crate drying and have the experience needed to surmount them. 

Our innovative solutions reduce spare parts, simplify maintenance, and minimize safety hazards. 

We use high-speed centrifugal blowers to power our systems. These belt-free blowers deliver clean, oil-free, filtered air to remove unwanted moisture and debris while using 70% less energy than compressed air. 

Drying isn't our only service. We know that sometimes you want your crates rinsed with clean water prior to drying, so we offer integrated systems that wash and dry in one smooth process.

JetAir is dedicated to creating a solution for your application that meets your kW use, changeover, and cleaning needs. We believe drying the smallest corners of your biggest crates should be simple. Let us put our expertise to work for you.


crate drying