Nearly all food processes can be optimized with a JetAir engineered blower and air knife systems. Applications include Meat, Fish and Poultry Blow-Off, Shrink Wrap and Sleeve Drying, Ink-jet Coding Drying, Conveyor Cleaning, Food Molds and Trays, Totes and Crates, Pouches, Tetrapak Packaging, Coating Thickness and Leveling Control, plus almost all sanitary blow-off applications.

Category: Food Processing
Donnie White, Facility Maintenance Manager at Rich Foods-SeaPak in Brunswick, GA, contacted JB Systems and JetAir Technologies about using a high-speed centrifugal blower...
pouch drying
Category: Food Processing
How a Single Pouch Drying System Doubled Throughput at Wornick Foods In a landscape once dominated by metal cans and glass bottles, flexible and retort pouch packaging has...