JetAir blower and air knife solutions are ideal for conveyor lines where surface water or moisture must be removed, coatings require precise thickness control, debris needs to be displaced, or static energy must be eliminated. Sanitary air knives, clean room enclosures, and HEPA filters are also available. Applications: Pasteurizer, Pre-Coding, Pre-Labeling, Pre-Packaging, Post Steam Shrink, Case Drying, “Twist Push-Through”, Tray & Pallet Conveying, Vacuum Hold-Down, Mix Tank Drying, Combiner Gap Preventer, and Ionized Air Rinsing.

pharmaceutical dryer blender dryer
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New Blender & Tank Drying Equipment Reduces Wait Times Ventura, CA – JetAir Technologies announces the launch of its latest product for the pharmaceutical industry: the...
Blood Bag Drying
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Blood Bag Drying System Saves Thousands in CAPEX Pall Medical, a major medical supplier based in Southern California, approached JetAir Technologies about supplying blood bag...