Ionized Air Rinse System


ION3 AirRinse is a complete, integrated, water-free solution for cleaning the interiors of containers.


Clean, ionized air provides effective and cost-efficient rinsing of containers to industry specifications at multiple sizes, configurations, and line speeds.


 ​Replaces costly water or compressed air based rinsers

 HEPA-filtered, ionized air ensures containers are free of debris

 Integrated controls and performance monitoring

 Exceeds the industry's most stringent rinsing specifications

 Effective at line speeds up to 1500cpm and container openings

  as small as 28mm

Additional Information

How it Works

ION3 is powered by the combination of JetAir's efficient blowers, HEPA grade air filtration, precision engineered JetBlast nozzles, and ionizing technology. Clean, powerful blasts of ionized air eliminate static charge and evacuate particulate from the insides of containers ensuring they are ready for filling. An integrated debris capture and vacuum system collects and evacuates the removed debris for disposal.

ION3 is custom sized to line speeds and container geometries. Complete systems can be newly installed or retrofitted into existing rinsing lines.