Mobile Drying & Blowoff System


MDS700 Mobile Drying System is a comprehensive solution for providing moderate pressure, high flow air for a variety of processes. JetAir high-speed centrifugal blowers provide a powerful stream of clean filtered air for drying and blow off applications. MDS700s feature rugged stainless steel carts that allow for mobile air performance in industrial and plant environments. MDS700s are used for removing moisture from manufactured parts and containers, blowing off debris, removing oil and metal shavings, and drying the interiors of tanks and blenders.


 ​Mobile air solution - move between lines, rooms, and plant locations

 High-speed centrifugal blower provides clean and effective air stream

 Enclosure protects blower and controls from environment

 Full featured controls

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How it Works

MDS700 is powered by JetAir’s high-speed centrifugal blowers, which deliver clean, oil-free, filtered air to remove unwanted moisture and debris. MDS700's mobility is designed for maximum flexibility providing JetAir drying and blow-off performance without being tied to s fixed installation.