Drying & Blowoff System

"Ideal Compressed Air Replacement"


MicroJet is an affordable precision drying system. A single nozzle removes moisture from containers on low to medium speed lines. MicroJet's small form factor makes it easily placed and an ideal replacement for compressed air.


 ​Energy Costs less than $0.03/hr.

 Requires less than 1 ft. of line space

 Mounts directly to conveyor (Floor stand available)

 Reaches any exposed container surface

 Effective at line speeds up to 250 ft/min.

Additional Information

Energy Savings and Quick ROI

 ​Ideal replacement for compressed air nozzles

 ​High-efficiency centrifugal blower produced air

 ​Reductions in energy operating costs up to 95%

 ​ROIs of less than one year