Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Catalytic Solutions turned to JetAir to develop a low maintenance system to control coating thickness on their innovative automotive exhaust systems.

JetAir Technology’s belt-free Direct Drive Blower design coupled with a modern turbine provided Catalytic the air flow performance needed to precisely control their coating process, avoiding the costly maintenance and changeover expenses common with competitor's high-speed belt-drive centrifugal systems.

In addition, because JetAir systems are Variable Speed Controlled, Catalytic could adjust and pre-set speeds to eliminate any line confusion or process variables resulting in increased production and quality.

The key Project Engineer at Catalytic said,

“The JetAir system has run flawlessly since we installed it. We really like the belt-free design and easy speed adjustment.”

JetAir Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures high-speed centrifugal blowers, air knives, and drying/blow-off systems with direct drive technology. Typical drying or blow-off applications include cans, bottles and jars; construction materials; fruits and vegetables; electronic, metal or automotive parts; and textiles. Current customers include Coca-Cola Bottling, Johnson Controls, General Motors, Kroger Bakeries, McDermott Welding, Kraft Foods, and more.