Updated: Apr 3, 2019

JetAir was contacted by the Facilities Engineering team at Kroger Bakery in Indianapolis, IN about a replacement for their costly compressed air blow-off system. A member of the team was familiar with

JetAir technologies through reputation and past experience. 

JetAir and Solak, LLC designed a custom blow-off system using a JET-1 blower and a JetAir MX air knife. They presented  Kroger with an investment analysis that showed the tremendous savings in, associated energy costs by switching to the JetAir system—a savings that represented an amazing 100% ROI in just 3.1 months!

In addition to the remarkable reduction in energy costs, Kroger was impressed with the superior performance of the JetAir system. The Kroger team, reported that they are,

“very happy with the performance.  This is clearly superior equipment.”

JetAir Technologies, a leader in industrial Air Knife application, features a range of next-generation, high speed centrifugal blowers and custom-designed air knife systems.  JetAir is committed to creating innovative and comprehensive solutions to most moderate pressure, high flow applications where reliability and non-stop performance are critical.