Coca-Cola Savings

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The Coca-Cola Bottling plant in Downey, CA had difficulties with wet cans, resulting in illegible lot/date codes and “can bursts” that caused ruined packaging and unsellable pallets of product.

The compressed air system Coke was using was not doing an adequate job of drying the cans, as well as being inordinately expensive in energy costs. Coke contacted JetAir Technologies to resolve their drying issues. JetAir, in conjunction with WahlWorks Engineering, designed a drying system using the JET-2 Blower and unique JetAir JetBlasts.

The JetAir/WahlWorks drying system dries the tops and bottoms of the Coke cans much more effectively and has eliminated the problems associated with cans bursting and illegible date/lot codes while consuming much less power. Coke is very happy with the JetAir system and is considering using it in other bottling plants.

Mike Finn, plant manager of the Downey Coke plant agrees.

“I’ve been in this business for years. JetAir makes the most thorough can drying system I have ever seen.”

“I am very pleased with the reliability, drying effectiveness, and energy savings in the JetAir system,”

Frank Wahl of WahlWorks Eng. recently said. “These cans are much drier than ever and Coke has actually been able to turn off one of their compressors. The energy costs of drying cans are one tenth what they used to be.”