JetAir created a successful bottle drying system for Les Trois Mousquetaires Brewery in Quebec, Canada. The beer manufacturer was utilizing an inefficient system where they washed, rinsed, and labeled the bottles, then left them in cold storage for three days to dry before the filling process. 

This process was not only highly inefficient but it was not working very well either, resulting in numerous rejects.

JetAir worked with Stanmech Technologies to design and install an efficient drying system using JetAir JetBlast air knives and the JET-2 blower. The result was an elimination of bottle moisture, a marked reduction in production time, increased energy savings, and a superior product.

“We are currently one of the only micro breweries in Quebec that uses self adhesive labels,”says Sylvain Plourde, president of Les Trois Mousquetaires.

“Now we can create versatile and creative label designs. This makes us stand out from the rest.”