JetAir successfully installed a coating smoothing system at ChemFuse’s lumber coating plant in Colton, CA.

After a thorough search of air knife companies, ChemFuse chose JetAir because of their advanced technology in VFD driven Direct Drive blowers. JetAir’s application engineering team worked with ChemFuse to ensure a job well done. Chemfuse utilizes a two part coating process applied to lumber for residential building applications. The special coating protects the lumber from the damaging effects of rot fungi, mold, and wood ingesting insects.

Chemfuse was having difficulties wherein the coating could not be applied perfectly evenly which resulted in a rough finish.

“We had tried squeegees and other ideas before I found JetAir. The JetAir system is doing exactly what I need – smoothing our proprietary BluWood lumber coating,"

said Michael Malabanan of ChemFuse. “It is easy to use and we really enjoy the technology.”