Georgia Pacific, LLC (Antioch, Ca) contacted JetAir Technologies last year about using a high-speed centrifugal blower and air knife to help remove fiberglass particles from large gypsum panels. GP' state-of-the-art gypsum technology replaces the traditional paper element of wallboard with a "fiberglass mat," adding to the stability and sustainability of the finished product. When the baords are cut a fine dusting of fiberglass that is very hard to remove is spread across the surface of the boards.

GP's maintenance manager Rob Davidson was looking for a turn-key solution to this problem that would require little to no maintenance. JetAir engineers suggested a JET-3 blower and a  LX Air Knife.

The LX knife's rugged stainless steel construction and 4" OD inlet allowed for a single knife over 9' in length. The LX features an engineered "teardrop" design that ensured constant, efficient flow and pressure over the entire 9'. The Direct-Drive technology and multispeed functionality of the JET-3 enabled GP to dial-in the exact speed needed to remove the fiberglass particles without wasting any excess energy. This allowed Mr. Davidson to turn on the unit at the beginning of each shift and continue with his day without having to think again about the fiberglass removal.

A follow up call to Mr. Davidson revealed a happy customer and even better results than first envisioned.

"I love this thing, he said, referring to the JET-3 blower. "It does exactly what I want it to do. We were even able to turn the speed lower than we first thought."

Even several months after the intial information, the JET-3 blower allowed GP to save even more energy than first envisioned.