Europlast srl (Bari, IT), a major European producer of Polystyrene and PLA plastic films for use in the packaging and lamination industries, approached JetAir Technologies' Italian representative, Oil Service srl (Botticino, IT), with their problems drying continuous sheets of plastic film after a washing process.

Europlast's washing machine featured large, plastic rollers and a series of small fans to dry the film, all of which proved ineffective. Oil Service and JetAir engineers designed an air knife system that could be mounted inside the existing washer. The JET-2 blower's economical footprint allowwed Europlast to mount the blower on top of the machine, effectively retrofiting the entire unit and allowing Europlast to recieve the high flow / medium pressure source of air needed to effectively dry the film at high speeds.

Europlast was pleased not only with the superior performance and ease of installation of the JetAir equipment but also with the flexibility afforded by the Direct-Drive design and VFD controls. Europlast engineers were able to install a potentiometer on the drive that allowed the operators to adjsut the speed as needed for different sizes and speeds of film being run at any particular time.

Ferdinando PArulli of Europlast reports that he is very happy with the system. He says that the system id working very well and that,

"it is very, very powerful. It seems like a Boeing [engine]!"