VENTURA, CA - - December 16, 2008 - - JetAir Technologies, a firm that specializes in industrial drying and blow-off solutions, recently completed a six-month expansion of its testing facilities to conduct application-specific tests under real world conditions. The expansion includes a new high-speed, professional-grade stainless steel conveyor capable of reaching up to 1,200 cpm (cans per minute).

Dan Snyder, Vice President of Development at JetAir, said

“The new conveyor has become a valuable R&D tool, which allows us to test actual customer product within real world, or as close to real world, conditions as possible.”

This means JetAir now provides customers with better result statistics and audio-visual evidence, and lets them test new applications as well.

In addition to the new conveyor, JetAir expanded their research and test room that the conveyor is housed in, installed sound proofing, a special floor, and video-quality lighting. The improvements are being used to test drying or ‘blow-off’ applications such as:

Cans, bottles and jars,Manufactured baked goods,Batteries, cases and other large containers,Essentially any product that requires drying or dust/remnant blow-off in the production process.

“We recently sent some sample bottles for testing.” said Martin Obst, Sales Manager at Dase Seal, JetAir’s main distributor for Latin and South America.

“It provided a great level of confidence for our customer, without having to pay for an engineer to travel to Ecuador.”

About JetAir Technologies

JetAir Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures high-speed centrifugal blowers, air knives, and drying/blow-off systems with Direct-Drive technology. Typical drying or blow-off applications include cans, bottles and jars; construction materials; fruits and vegetables; electronic, metal or automotive parts; and textiles. Current customers include Coca-Cola Bottling, Sierra Nevada Brewery, Kroger Bakeries, McDermott Welding, Kraft Foods, and more.

JetAir is headquartered in Ventura, California.