Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Need a control panel built to your custom specs? JetAir’s UL 508A industrial control panel shop is here to help.

As JetAir asked clients how they could better serve them, they heard a recurring theme: make sure your equipment can easily “plug in” to the existing plant network. For years, JetAir has honed their control panels to meet that need. Rather than keep that expertise to themselves, they have rolled out a UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop. Any customer who needs a custom-built panel can contact JetAir for a fast, affordable, quality solution.

One such customer, CED, did exactly that when they were working on a project with a tight deadline.

“The big issue for us was time,” says CED’s Drew Silva, who spearheaded the project. “But not only did we save time in expediting the project – the competitors I checked would have taken an additional three weeks – [JetAir’s] panel was also less expensive.”

JetAir’s Panel Shop specializes in one-of-a-kind industrial control panels. Each will be engineered to meet the customer’s specifications, including integration with appropriate mechanical automation systems and processes.

 “JetAir was easy to work with and had a good ability to expedite the project,” Silva reports. “They had expertise in making changes to the product, even highlighting potential issues with the original design from the engineer. Those would have caused a big problem had your guys not caught them. Today, everything’s working great and the customer is happy.”

CED experienced JetAir’s Panel Shop services from start to finish. Those services begin with fast and accurate quote. After approval, the Panel Shop will deliver complete electrical and mechanical drawings and bills of materials. All drawings will leverage AutoCAD electrical and 3D mechanical software.

Once drawings have been reviewed and approved by the customer, the panel shop begins layout and control panel fabrication. JetAir’s industrial control panel experts handle every aspect of the panel build. They pledge on-time delivery of a completely accurate UL 508A industrial control panel.

JetAir’s Panel Shop services also include PLC ladder programming, retrofit control panel systems, and system installation and start-up. Beyond UL 508A, the panels can be certified with CE Marking and SEMI Standards.

For years, JetAir Technologies has been integrating industrial control panels in their turnkey drying and blow-off systems. Today, those control panels support lines in some of the largest, most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. That experience and expertise is now available to any customer with a need for an accurate, affordable UL 508A industrial control panel.