Installation of New Ionized Air Rinse System Results in Dramatic Energy Savings

Greenwood Products, a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of bottles, vials, and other containers, approached Scales Industrial Technologies, air compressor experts and JetAir distributor. They were looking to replace an aging compressed air rinse system they were using to clean out containers on their production line. Greenwood was experiencing performance problems due to decreased pressure at the air rinser caused by an increased demand on their compressor system. Additionally, they were in the process of expanding their production operations and needed a new system that could scale with the increase. JetAir's ionized air rinse system was able to meet their needs while saving significant money. 

The Sales Engineers at Scales recognized this as a perfect opportunity to replace Greenwood's existing air rinser with a blower-based ionized air rinse system from JetAir. The ionized air rinse system JetAir designed for Greenwood not only solved the performance problems they were experiencing but also reduced the demand on the compressor, freeing up capacity for other operations and saving Greenwood a significant amount on energy costs. Working with Scales, JetAir engineers created an air rinse system with a custom anti-static ionized air knife powered by an economical and highly-efficient pressure blower. The ionized air rinse system also included an integrated vacuum box designed to capture and collect the debris removed from the containers.

The containers are inverted on a conveyor and travel over a small gap in the belt where the ionized air knife's nozzles project air through an ionizing bar; this bar gives the air stream a static charge that removes the static charge of the particulate inside the containers, ”rinsing” the inside with air. As the air is blown out of the containers, it is collected by the vacuum box. The expelled air containing the particulate is then run through the blower, filtered, and exhausted outside of the building.

Replacing the existing compressed air rinse system with the blower based system will be saving Greenwood $3,500 yearly due to decreased energy and maintenance costs while providing the capacity to expand their operations. 

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