McDermott Welding and Fabrication of Kersey, PA designs and fabricates fully automated parts oilers. These oilers are using in the manufacturing of a wide variety of steel parts and components used by the automotive industry; anywhere from small automotive sprockets and drill parts to larger converting rods and transmission gears. The Automated Parts Oiler (APO) applies an anti-rust inhibitor to the parts and is a necessary final component of the parts manufacturing process, completing the finishing and adding protection during packaging and shipping.

The Solution: Machined Parts Cleaning

McDermott contacted JetAir Technologies, located in Ventura, CA, about their need for an air flow component addition to the APO. McDermott required a pressure-based flow of air to remove the excess anti-rust inhibitor from the machined parts.  The excess oil was drying on the parts, leaving a cakey residue. This made them unattractive and outside McDermott’s and their customers’ quality standards. JetAir saw how they could help with machined parts cleaning.

The JetAir application engineers provided McDermott with a JetLine Air Knife Blow-Off System run by a JET-2 High-Speed Centrifugal Blower. Instead of traditional “continuous gap” air knives, this system utilized the JetBlast air-nozzle manifold, a series of stainless steel, precision machined ½” nozzles inserted into a stainless steel tube. The custom JetBlast nozzles create a more focused, higher velocity pressure flow that is highly effective in blowing off the excess oil, resulting in quality machined parts cleaning. "We have been very happy with the JetAir System,” says T.J. Nesbitt, Project Engineer at McDermott. “The air nozzle manifold works very well for this application.”

The system is run by a JET-2 high-speed centrifugal blower utilizing DirectDrive technology. The impeller fan is mounted directly to the motor shaft, eliminating the need for the belts, pulleys, tensioners, and spindles required by the traditional belt-driven blowers used by the industry for the past 40 years. This has done away with the costly and time-consuming maintenance required to replace and maintain these various parts, providing McDermott with increased efficiency in the operation of the APO. McDermott has been able to pass this saving of time and money on to their customers. The compact nature of the DirectDrive blower gives the JET-2 the smallest footprint of any comparable centrifugal blower, allowing McDermott to mount the blower directly to the APO for easy machined parts cleaning.

The DirectDrive technology allows the JET-2 to be controlled by an Allen Bradley PowerFlex 70 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The VFD allows for an unparalleled amount of flexibility and control in operating the blower. The VFD is controlled via a Human Interface Module (HIM) that McDermott mounted directly to the control panel of the APO. The HIM enables “push-button” control of the blower, allowing for rapid increases and decreases in speed. Nesbitt reports that this has allowed McDermott to “dial-in” the speed and therefore pinpoint the exact air flow and volume needed for each specific, individual machined parts cleaning application for which the APO is used.

Customer Service

McDermott ultimately chose JetAir based on the superior performance and integrity of the JetLine system, as well as their commitment to excellent service and advanced knowledge of the blow-off industry and machined parts cleaning. JetAir’s engineers and customer service team were involved in every process of this project, from sale to design to delivery and installation. Nesbitt appreciated the fact that he could always contact the integral members of the JetAir team by phone, as well as their hands-on approach in serving McDermott Welding and Fabrication.

JetAir Technologies, a leader in industrial air knife applications, features a range of next-generation, high speed centrifugal blowers and custom-designed air knife systems that offer top-quality machined parts cleaning.  JetAir is committed to creating innovative and comprehensive solutions to most moderate pressure, high flow applications where reliability and non-stop performance are critical.