Donnie White, Facility Maintenance Manager at Rich Foods-SeaPak in Brunswick, GA, contacted JB Systems and JetAir Technologies about using a high-speed centrifugal blower based system to replace their compressed air blow-off station on their breading lines for frozen seafood.  JB representatives visited the facility and worked with JetAir engineers to find the right blower to remove the excess bread crumbs form the line.

Mr. White was supplied with a 20HP JET-2 blower to provide air to his existing nozzle manifolds. Mr. White was duly impressed by the performance of the JET-2 and the added benefits of greatly reduced energy costs.  What really won him over, however, was JetAir's industry-leading customer service.

"We were in constant contact with the engineers at JetAir. They helped us install our blow-off system for optimal results,"

reports Mr. White. 

Mr. White and Rich Foods-SeaPak were so impressed with their experience that Rich Foods has decided to install JetAir systems on all their breading lines in Brunswick and their various other locations. They also plan on replacing their "homemade" nozzle bars with precision engineered JetBlast Air Knives.

"OurJetAir system is providing a great service for [us] ... I would not hesitate to recommend JetAir to anyone," happily reports Mr. White.