JetAir’s SureCodeTM Builds Quality Assurance into Inkjet Coding

Ventura, CA JetAir Technologies and Domino Printing teamed up to keep  customers ahead of the curve. With a single, integrated system, one of the biggest headaches in inkjet coding is solved. The SureCode™ prepares and dries coding space prior to printing to ensure consistent, quality codes on all packaging surface types.

The SureCode™ blends both companies’ innovative solutions in a single piece of equipment that takes up fewer than 50 inches of line space. “With this system, we address a problem that 50% of our customers aren’t aware of until start up,” JetAir’s Dan Snyder, Director of Key Accounts, explains.

The system combines JetAir’s surface preparation with Domino’s continuous inkjet printing technology, building in quality assurance. “The ability for ink to adhere to a clean, dry surface is critical for maximum readability and the survival through the harsh processing conditions the code will face after it’s applied,” explains David Deagle, Domino’s Canning Sector Development Manager.

“Maximizing the code quality at the point of applying the inkjet code is key to all functions post-coding.”

The SureCode™ integrates surface preparation to deliver a clean, dry container to the print head. This ensures precise, clean codes from the next step of the process (e.g. inspection) all the way to the consumer.

The system leverages JetAir’s energy efficient blower, engineered air knives, sound attenuating construction, and built-in water/debris capture. In a single pass, containers are stripped of any moisture or debris that could compromise code printing. Water sheared from the container is captured and plumbed out of the system, keeping plant floors clean and dry.

The container continues through the integrated interior of the machine into the print head station for code application. Once there, Domino’s latest Ax-Series printer delivers precise high-speed coding. Its precision ink drop generation technology is an industry first, enabling rapid printing of clean and clear codes.

“Our best-of-class efficiency, reduced line length, single connection point, faster cleaning, quicker changeover, and easier maintenance virtually pay for the system while ensuring less downtime, product loss, and rework,” Snyder says.

Together, JetAir and Domino have eliminated one of the biggest causes of code failure. The compact, energy efficient SureCode™ delivers containers ready for printing and pristine codes.

About JetAir Technologies

JetAir Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures drying/blow-off systems, high-speed centrifugal blowers, and air knives. Their DirectDrive technology maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing line space usage and maintenance. JetAir’s typical drying or blow-off applications include cans, bottles, jars, and pouches; pharmaceutical products; powder and dust removal; construction materials; fruits and vegetables; electronic, metal, or automotive parts; and textiles. Customers include PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, MillerCoors, ABInBev, Georgia Pacific, Cummins Diesel, Kraft Foods, and Kroger Bakeries.

About Domino

As the leading business within Domino Printing Sciences plc, Domino is an autonomous division within Brother Industries. Founded in 1978, Domino has established a global reputation for the development and manufacture of coding, marking, printing technologies, aftermarket products and customer service. Today Domino offers a portfolio of end-to-end coding solutions designed to satisfy the compliance and productivity requirements of manufacturers including inkjet, laser, print and apply and thermal transfer overprinting technologies for application of variable and authentication data, bar codes and unique traceability codes onto product and packaging across many industrial sectors including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial. Domino employs 2,600 people worldwide working with more than 120 countries through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and over 200 distributors. Domino has manufacturing facilities in China, Germany, India, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. For further information, please visit