air knives
Air Knives

The right air knives for the job.

JetAir’s air knives are precision-engineered and completely adjustable to produce a clean, high-velocity, high-impact stream of air. Our air knives remove liquid, dust, and industrial debris typically found following wash, filling, or coating operations. All JetAir air knives are engineered, manufactured, and tested to provide 100% effective air application. These high-efficiency air knives generate moderate pressure and high flow ideal for drying, air rinse, and blow-off applications.

Custom-fitted to your application. 

We know that sometimes an entire system is more than you need. That's why JetAir opens our catalog of beautifully designed air components to all of our customers. These air knives are made using CFD technology that maximizes airflow and energy efficiency. 

We have a range of air knife options so you can deliver the right air for your application. Our catalog includes:

  • JetBlasts: These nozzled air knives project a high-velocity air stream. Their superior air reach makes them ideal for high-speed applications. JetBlasts are available in stainless steel and LDPE. We'll customize the nozzle placement so you get maximum efficiency from your air stream. 
  • JetX: This stainless steel air knife is available in multiple sizes and fitted with an adjustable air gap to meet the demands of even the most difficult applications. Its engineered outlet ensures laminar air flow. 
  • RLX: The LDPE RLX features an efficient teardrop profile with a smooth-walled aerodynamic design. Its air gap is also adjustable. The LDPE is food grade. 

All of our air knives are ideal for replacing compressed air at your facility, helping you slash energy consumption. 

We also offer ionization components for static control, 100% adjustable air knife stands, and spray guards. Our product line is designed to help your facility deliver energy efficient, easy-to-use air flow.

We customize air knives and accompanying components to meet your needs. This case study in Blower & Vacuum Best Practices showcases some of our custom air knife work. Wherever you need air on your line, we can help you.