flexible packaging dryer
Pouch Drying System

Dryer for Flexible Packaging: The JetTunnel Pouch Drying System

The JetTunnel™ Pouch Drying System is specifically designed to dry the entirety of flexible pouch packages. This system includes an integrated conveyor, dynamic hold-down, and full-featured controls. It can dry entire pouches - including gussets, spouts, and caps - prior to labeling, inspection, coding, sleeving, secondary packaging, and more. Clearing water from the small crevices and crannies of flexible packaging is challenging. You need a thoughtfully engineered system to get the best results. The JetTunnel™ Pouch Drying System is exactly that. 

How it works. 

This pouch dryer is powered by JetAir's high-speed centrifugal blower. This belt-free blower delivers clean, filtered air to remove excess moisture, powder, or debris. Blowing air at flexible packaging all too often results in it flapping around the conveyor. To ensure your product stays oriented and to allow air to access the entire pouch, the pouch JetTunnel™ includes integrated material handling. The tunnel features a dynamic hold-down that orients and protects packaging. It applies slight pressure to the pouch, holding the gusset open for thorough drying. The hold-down moves the pouch through the drying system along an integrated transport conveyor. Custom-sized air knives and guide rails ensure quality drying for your specific pouch size and geometry. 

A flexible solution for your flexible packaging.

The JetTunnel™ Pouch Drying System is custom designed to handle the widest range of pouch shapes and sizes and line speeds. It easily integrates into existing packaging lines and is compatible with all plant control networks. Standard and custom systems are available. We recognize that flexible packaging is the future and have designed a dryer to help you seize its potential. This drying tunnel builds quality assurance into your line, preparing your pouches for labeling, printing, secondary packaging, or whatever the next downstream process may be. 

See the JetTunnel™ Pouch Drying System in action on our YouTube page.