air ionizer
Air Rinse System

Waterless Container Rinse with the ION3 Air Ionizer.

The ION3™ air ionizer is a waterless solution for rinsing containers on brewery, beverage, nutritional/pharmaceutical, food processing, and other manufacturing lines. Clean, ionized air provides effective and cost-efficient rinsing of containers interiors to industry specifications at multiple sizes, configurations, and line speeds. The system includes integrated vacuum debris collection. The ION3™ is a self-contained, HEPA-filtered solution capable of processing containers with openings as small as 28mm at speeds as fast as 90,000 cph.

How it works. 

By integrating an ion bar with our core blow-off technology, we're able to get containers clean and ready for the next process. The air for the rinse comes from our high-speed, energy-efficient blower. That means that not only are you slashing your plant's water consumption, you're also cutting energy costs. JetAir blowers use 70% less electricity than compressed air. What's more, the air stream coming from JetAir blowers is free from the lubricant contamination that comes with compressed air.

The best air ionizer available.

Any air rinse will help you reduce your facility's consumption of resources. Not all air rinses are created equal, though. We've built some features into the ION3™ to deliver you the best rinsing performance and optimal user experience.

  • Safety first. The ION3™ includes a pressure relief safety valve and interlocked ion bar access. It's built to UL508, cUL, and CE standards.
  • Custom built. We build your ION3™ for your specific facility to ensure the best rinsing performance. We custom fit our air components, air pressure and flow, and guide rails to your specifications. The air rinse system is designed to rinse your exact product dimensions, helping your rinser access even the tiniest corners without ever wasting energy.
  • Ease of use. We believe your air ionizer should be easy to maintain. The ION3™ is complete washdown ready, features front and rear lift-off panels for easy maintenance access, and includes indicators to inform your operators when it's time for a filter change. 

If you'd like to see our air ionizer in action, you can check out our YouTube video