mass flow
Mass Flow Dryer

Drying in Mass Flow for Massive Savings.

The MassJet™ drying tunnel is a comprehensive system for bulk or multi-lane (non-single file) container drying. It achieves superior dryness prior to labeling, inspection, coding, sleeving, secondary packaging, and more. Because it can dry in mass flow configuration, it reduces line length requirements and energy consumption.

How it works.

The MassJet™ is powered by JetAir’s high-speed centrifugal blower. This belt-free blower delivers clean, oil-free, filtered air to remove unwanted moisture and debris. JetAir's blower delivers the right balance of pressure and flow to dry between containers when they're oriented en masse. Getting air into the small spaces between product can be challenging. The MassJet™ is specially engineered to drive air into those small crevices, delivering a clean, dry product to the next downstream operation. 

The MassJet™ can dry in bulk configuration, when products are bunched together on the conveyor, or in multi-lane, where multiple lanes of product are running side by side.

Moving to mass flow. 

Allowing product to travel in mass flow saves line space and saves energy. The MassJet™ delivers three-dimensional drying (i.e. drying tops, sides, bottoms) with a minimal footprint and, thanks to JetAir's high-efficiency blowers, minimal energy consumption. This system can dry bottles, cans, raw produce, and more. 

When drying or blowing off en masse, water and debris accumulate quickly. This system contains all moisture and debris inside its air component chamber and plumbs it safely away. This keeps your facility floors clean and dry. It also features double-walled construction for low noise and an operator-friendly interface. Maintaining the MassJet™ is quick and simple. 

The MassJet™ is custom designed to handle the widest range of products at high speed. It easily integrates into existing packaging lines and all plant control networks. Standard and custom systems are available.

If you're ready to save line space and energy, we can help you dry in mass flow configuration.