MDS700 Tank Dryer
Mobile Blender & Tank Dryer

The MDS700  Mobile Drying System

The MDS700™ is a portable drying system engineered for multi purpose use including hotspot  drying, handheld drying/debris removal, and quick drying of tanks and blenders.

Driven by a powerful, state-of-the-art, high efficiency blower, this rugged system uses forced air to dry  blenders in 30 minutes or less with minimal operator attention. The system can also dry containers on conveyor  lines, parts, tank exteriors, walls, and floors. The MDS700™ allows quick reuse of blenders and eliminates  alcohol wipe downs, maximizing production time, blending capacity, and facility safety.

How it works. 

The MDS700™ is powered by JetAir's high-speed, high-efficiency centrifugal blower. We offer attachments so that it can be used for handheld blowoff and drying, on a production line or to dry blends and tanks. 

This compact blower delivers a clean air stream that funnels directly into your tank or blender. Within a half hour, the blender or tank is completely dry and ready for use in the next process. No alcohol wipedowns are needed. 

The MDS700™ has been tested on blenders and tanks up to 2,300 gallons (150 cubic feet). In every case, it delivered thorough dryness in 30 minutes or less. What's more, it requires minimal operator attention. Using a manway cover, the air moves through a hose into the blender or tank. Once attached, operators can walk away while the system does its job.

Portable and multi-use. 

Our goal is to make this process easier on you on every front including tiem and portability. To that end, we built the MDS700™ on wheels. You can move it from room to room, getting the dryness you require whenever and wherever you need it. Using the MDS700™ is easy. It includes simple touchscreen controls. Set it and forget it!

You can find more information about this portable blender and tank dryer in Healthcare Packaging or on Rockwell Automation's news page