dryer and inkjet coder
Integrated Dryer & Inkjet Coder

Two-In-One Dryer & Inkjet Coder: The SureCode

The SureCode™ delivers precise, reliable coding in the smallest footprint. This two-in-one system brings top-tier drying equipment together with state-of-the-art inkjet coder technology, ensuring surfaces are clean for printing so that your codes are pristine.

This innovative system is custom designed to handle the widest range of containers and line speeds up to 2,975 cpm. It easily integrates into existing packaging lines and all plant control networks. Standard and custom systems are available

How it works.

Product flows through an integrated drying/blow-off chamber, removing any water and debris prior to printing for clear, legible, and reliable codes. Once clean and dry, it continues to move through the chamber to the continuous inkjet printhead. Using JetAir’s high-speed, high-efficiency blower and Domino’s Ax-Series continuous inkjet technology, this system has built-in quality assurance.

The SureCode™ blends both companies’ innovative solutions in a single piece of equipment that takes up fewer than 50 inches of line space. The purpose of the SureCode™ is to eliminate smudged, gapped, or otherwise unreadable codes caused by trying to print on a surface that hasn't been properly prepared. Building in a drying and blow-off system just before the point of printing creates a clean canvas. This ensures that the ink droplets can properly adhere to your product, producing a pristine, long-lasting code. 

Plant benefits. 

The system leverages JetAir’s energy-efficient blower to help keep energy consumption at a minimum. The SureCode™ also features sound attenuating construction and built-in water/debris capture. Water or debris sheared from the product is captured and plumbed out of the system, keeping plant floors clean and dry.

Additionally, the SureCode is easy to install and maintain. The system is designed to come apart so it can be easily dropped over an existing line. Installation can be completed in minutes. JetAir and Domino have also worked together to integrate controls. Operators are able to use all aspects of the system from a single HMI. 

This YouTube video will give you a chance to see the SureCode™ in action.