Air components reviews how to deliver JetAir's blower-produced air to your process, part, or container.  Air duct sizing and and component orientation question and answers follow.

Useful links for sizing air ducts and lines.
What is the best way to orient a JetBlast™ nozzled air knife?

Side Drying JetBlasts™:

  • The first nozzle of the side drying JetBlast(s) should be positioned so roughly half the nozzle is directed over the top of the product:
  • Angle the JetBlasts 5˚-10˚ toward the ground:
  • The lowest nozzle should be directed at the base of the product. The base of the nozzle should be positioned .75-1.5” above the conveyer:
  • JetBlast drying is most effective when starting from the top of the product and ending at the bottom.
  • Side drying JetBlasts should be as close to the product as the guide rails will allow. They should also be positioned to avoid obstructions, such as guide rails, as best as possible:

Top/Bottom Drying JetBlasts™:

  • The top/bottom JetBlast should have the first nozzle begin on one side of the product, slightly extending past the product edge, and end on the opposite side of the product, again extending beyond the product edge. The angle of these JetBlasts should be perpendicular to the conveyor:
  • The nozzles drying the top and/or bottom of the product should be positioned between .25” and .75” from the product:

If your JetBlast™ is not achieving the desired results, please contact JetAir for optimal air component configuration.

What is the best way to orient an Air Knife?

Air knives to be most effective when rotated 15º below the horizontal plane. The top edge of the gap on the air knife should hit the hightest point on your product that you want to dry or blow-off. The bottom edge of the air knife gap should hit the lowest point on your product.