How and when to change filters for optimal operation and to maintain your JetAir Warranty.

When do I change filters?

JetAir recommends visual inspections every two months. Contact us to develop a site-specific Preventative Maintenance schedule for your system. 

You can find a full preventative maintenance schedule for JetAir blowers below:

Maint. Item




Prefilter (open cell foam)


2 weeks

Remove and wash with warm water and light detergent, allow to fully dry, then replace.

Filter Element1


4 weeks

Wash with warm water.

Prefilter & Filter Element

Remove & Replace

2-6 months2

Remove old filter element (with pre-filter) and replace with new filter.

Hosing & Air Components

Inspect & Adjust Air Components

6 months

Inspect hoses: look for holes, loose hoses, and leaks from cuts. Replace or tighten hose clamps as required. Adjust mount and air component distance and angle to properly focus air flow.

Blower Motors

Inspect Motor, Remove, Replace, and Run-In New Bearings

1-2 Years

Please contact the Customer Care Department at 805-654-7000 or via email at for a copy of JetAir’s Bearing Replacement Manual/Video. Bearing removal, replacement, and run-in should be performed by a qualified motor technician

Auto-Lube Grease Cartridge3


3-5 Years4

Remove the old grease cartridge and replace with a new cartridge. 

1Do not use compressed air to dry/clean the filter as this will damage the element.

2Change interval is dependent on the level of contamination in the environment directly surrounding the blower intake. Use the 0-3 scale: 0=Clean Environment (change filter every 5-6 months), 1=Low Contamination (change filter every 4-5 months), 2=Moderate Contamination (change filter every 3-4 months), 3=Severe Contamination (change filter every 2-3 months)

3If equipped.​

4The life of your auto-lube grease cartridge will depend on many variables. Please contact the Customer Care Department at 805-654-7000 or via email at for more information.